Three Insanely Awesome Offers for Free Crap on Craigslist

28 Sep
Annoying old treehouse--please take this sucker home.

Annoying old treehouse–please take this sucker home.

There’s Insane. There’s Awesome. And then there’s Insanely Awesome. If you don’t live in the Garden State, get our your hankies, because not only do you have to pump your own gas (okay, not you, Oregon), but you’re too far away for these three offers. (And yes, I am using their own words).

1. old, large, annoying wood treehouse on stilts (my tiny backyard)

(see insanely awesome photo above).

please, dear goodness, somebody want this thing and come take it out of my backyard. it was actually made with good materials and they can be reused someplace, preferably out of my sight. it sits on high stilts concrete-ed in the ground and would probably need a truck to transport. I can hope, can’t I? lol.

2.Free Mancave Recliner Couch

Mancave couch Craigslst

Awesome mancave recliner–you’ll be giving it your own aroma soon. How big is it? You figure it out.

Impress your buddy visitors to your man-cave with this awesome, huge, blue recliner couch. It was seldom used in its current basement, so it’s time to move on.
Best part is that it’s FREE to a good home, ZERO DINERO.
You must pick up and take it up the basement stairs, so bring your pickup truck and buddies to help.
Probably has a tiny musty smell from being in the basement, but that’s ok cause you’ll be giving it its own smells real soon!
Can only pick up Saturday mornings, so let me know and I’ll meet you at the house with your helpers.
Please don’t ask me dimensions because I have no idea and I don’t live there; all I can say it’s typically sized for what it is.

3.Tons of free fire wood from oak tree (East Hanover)

Tree--for free--on Craigslist

Firewood–guaranteed fresh! Just bring chainsaw!

You may need a chip maker to clean the small branches. You will definitely need a chain saw.

I have some firewood that has been lying in the ground for more than 2 years, and I have dead oak trees that are still standing. They can be your firewood immediately, as long as you cut it. I also have many big tall oak trees that are still standing and that can serve your need. I have as many oak trees as you need for 20 years of firewood. If you worry about liability issue, then I can cut it down and you do the rest. You can collect as many firewood as you want. You can work on in a few days. If you are interested, please email me with your phone number. I shall call you back.”

Writing Prompt: What insanely awesome offers can you make of free crap?

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