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Caturday, March 28, 2015: Cat v. Dog. You don’t need to ask who’s going to win.

28 Mar

My friend, bella Evelyn, currently living in Milan, Italy, where she is learning how to become a famous shoemaker–remember her name–took time from her busy days of leather-cutting and last-making and pattern-doing or whatever magical things she does to make actual shoes from scratch to send me this inspirational dog v. cat video. It reminds one of the power of NO. Sometimes, one does not have to engage in battle. One merely has to retain one’s elegant hauteur in the face of bluster, growling, and vulgar threats. Also, notice the power of a stony glare. That dog did not dare to come close to the cat as the kitty silently turned its head and stared straight at the pup. Excellent body language. Well done, Madame Cat, and many thanks to the lovely Evelyn of Milan.

Writing Prompt: When you fight, are you more of a growler or a glarer?

Caturday, Part 2! Feline Department of Bad Ideas

8 Mar

I just can’t stop thinking about my pointy eared friends today, I guess.

Oh, cats. How can you look upon our foibles with such calm. wise eyes one moment, then so quickly get the idea that climbing up the screen door because there was a moth somewhere up there and now you’re dangling by your claws six feet off the floor was a good idea? Last night, Mr. HH was uncharacteristically laughing so hard that he almost proverbially expelled the proverbial coffee at the proverbial computer screen while reading this Buzzfeed compilation of cats whose wisdom strangely deserted them.

Writing Prompt: Foolish moment, anyone?

Caturday, January 24, 2015: The War on Christmas (Mouse)

24 Jan
Behold. I am Smokey, Vanquisher of toy mice.

Behold. I am Smokey, Vanquisher of toy mice.

Christmas is so over. And I, the mighty Smokey Cat, would like you to know that I have caught and defeatedRed Christmas Mouse, one of the two wily foes that came out of my Christmas stocking (Green Mouse has taken the cowardly way out by hiding under the couch. It’s amazing how many times Red Christmas Mouse has gotten away from me, considering my well-honed hunting skills. So I want you to see that for the record, Christmas mouse has surrendered and is lying on its back in a pose of utter defeat. Should I let Red Christmas Mouse go to fight another day? I await your votes.

Writing Prompt: Mercy or no mercy? What’s a decision where you had to choose whether or not someone or something deserved another chance?

Caturday, January 17, 2015. In? or out?

17 Jan Smokey the cat wants to go out
Smokey the cat wants to go out

Smokey wants to go out

Love you guys. Thanks for getting out of your comfy bed and hobbling over to open the door to let me in. It’s been a great five minutes. I jumped on your bed and allowed you to enjoy my elegance and rub my belly. I viciously attacked and conquered a plastic bag in the loudest, most crinkling manner possible. I managed to get a toy mouse wedged somewhere under the bed. But I’ve got some plans. That nap on the laundry pile in the basement isn’t going to take itself. So could you please open the door? I’m not going to whine or anything, but I’ll just stand here flicking my tail, right next to the door, giving you that half-sweet, half-desperate look that says, “Litter box.” You know I can hypnotize you if you look into my eyes, right? Get up. Get up. Put that stupid book down. Don’t get comfortable. Get up. Let me out. I’ve got to get out. Now. Now. Now. Okay, you’re sitting up. Keep it moving, keep it moving. Ahhhhhh. I’m in the hall at last. But–what–you closed the door? You don’t WANT me on your soft, comfy bed? You don’t want me to have my lost mouse? You don’t love me anymore? Are you REJECTING me? I can’t take rejection. Let me in. Let me in. I’m not saying you HAVE to, but I’ll just stand here scratching the door until you come get me. Please????

Writing Prompt: Did you ever change your mind after you got what you want?

Caturday, January 10: Loose Cannon

10 Jan Thelonius Monk in Loose Cannon Box
Thelonius Monk in Loose Cannon Box

Thelonius Monk in Loose Cannon Box

All right, Monk seems to be saying with his green, glowing eyes, perhaps I am a sucker for a box. It may be that I will never meet a box that does not need testing. Certainly, I have never in my life experienced such a box. And so, you may find my behavior in some way risible. I would like to just pose a question to you humans. What if there were a whole lot of human-sized boxes just sitting there. Just the perfect size to sit down in. I’d like to see if YOU could pass up the opportunity. From where I sit, I think not.

Writing Prompt: What can you simply not resist?