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135Journals Art Corner: Pink, Green, Yellow Circles 1

16 Jan
Pink, green, yellow circles 1: Watercolor, acrylic, markers, and more. by Alexandra Hanson-Harding

Pink, green, yellow circles 1: Watercolor, acrylic, markers, and more. by Alexandra Hanson-Harding

Lately I’ve been doing tons of pictures with circles in them. I have always liked drawing mandalas, but this is a different kind of process, rougher and quicker and using more colors. I wanted to try using different materials. First, I did a watercolor background. Then I added circles of greenish acrylic paint. On top of that, I practiced some different patterns that I am trying to make my own–and by my own, I mean that they come to my mind and hand instinctively. One of them is the spiral. Another is the wavy arrow border. There are also several kinds of flowerlike motifs and a sunburst. And dots. I used markers, gel pens, and maybe even a regular pen. I also bought a kind of white ink pen that you have to shake before you use it, I forget what it’s called, because I thought it was getting too dark. I am not sure that I’m done with it yet. That big green circle in the middle seems ripe for some kind of detail. But maybe not.

Writing Prompt: What are some motifs that you doodle?

Insanely Insane Photo Essay Part 3: New York, New York

1 Nov

And now, the final installment of one girl’s dramatic adventure of crossing New York City.


girl on subway elevator in NYC

This young lady was on the escalator down into the bowels of the subway, looking rather put out about life. But what a pity, because . . .


man sells candy in subway store, New York

There are many stores down in the subway station that sell CANDY!


Selling flowers in subway. New York.

And if you don’t want candy, you can buy flowers in the subway station.


silver shoes, New York subway

You might get some new fashion ideas, like wearing fabulous silver shoes.


Christian against whoremongers

Or you might get some helpful advice. Whoremongers, you have officially been warned.


Mosaic ladies, New York Subway

These mosaic ladies certainly seem to be enjoying themselves on the walls of the subway.

And then, I reach my destination, Port Authority, for a bus back to the Garden State, all too soon. Thanks for joining me!

Writing Prompt: Where did you journey today? Or, if you prefer, In Defense of Whoremongering.

Snakes, flowers, suns, rain, teardrops, eyes, and some other stuff

14 Oct
art by Alexandra Hanson-Harding of flowers, snakes, suns, tears, raindrops, dots, triangles, eyes, and more. Snakes, flowers,

Guess what my latest masterpiece means and you will win a prize. Of some sort. I’m sure.

When you have a lot of important stuff to do, like putting dishes in the dishwasher, researching hideous diseases you might (probably) have, or writing down “Call Linoleum Guy about Thursday,” (because unfortunately the not-yet-researched disease is unlikely to do away with one BEFORE Thursday) sometimes you just gotta woman up, get out the markers, and go to town in your sketchbook. As you can see, Ms. AHH is using a number of classic thematic elements, such as the blue flowers common to Iznik pottery (I should know what they are called), mandalas, eyes, snakes (love drawing snakes), pyramids, suns, dots, bricks with what looks like a creepy pair of eyes in them, dots, stripes, teardrops and raindrops, xs and os, what looks like a game of tic tac toe kind of, and many other things that add up to um, a battle between the Apollonian and the Dionysian elements of life? Yes, indeed, I’m sure that’s exactly what it means, and I’m the artist, so I should know. But actually, art is not for the artist alone. It is a dance between the artist and viewer/critic. Writers can blab everything they want about their art, their horrible childhoods and everything else. But the artist must remain mute, or at least cryptic, and let the dance of interpretation begin. For the moment one puts one’s art out into the world, it belongs to the world, too. Especially when one puts it on the freaking INTERNET. So, friends, interpret away.

Writing Prompt: What’s a piece of art that just pulls you in?

135Journals Art Corner: Harriet’s Carpet

21 May



Sort of a loose interpretation. I really like the flowers on her carpet, though. So watch out, world.