Here’s Looking at You

13 Oct
eyes picture from upcycled art journal

Even if you turn around, the eyes will still be watching you. (from one of my art journals).

Greetings, earthlings,

Today I will share a spread from one of my art journals. I guess I was thinking about eyes, those wonderful and oddly creepy parts of our physiognomy. I edited a book about eyes once and I was amazed at how weird and wonderful eyes actually are. For example, there’s a whole diffferent system for seeing at night than during hte day. And the whole back of your brain the occipital lobe, is devoted to seeing. Oh so much more to say. But instead of telling anyone anything, I think I will just give you a challenge:

Writing prompt: If you have the gift of sight, really look at something for a ong time What did it feel like?

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