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Somewhere in Seville…

28 Mar
Woman in a painting. Alexandra Hanson-Harding 2017.

Woman in a painting. Alexandra Hanson-Harding 2017.


135Journals Art Corner #32

19 Nov
I know you are but what am I? From my journals. Art Project #31. From my Journals. Alexandra Hanson-Harding.

I know you are but what am I? From my journals. Art Project #31. From my Journals. Alexandra Hanson-Harding.

Art Journaling: She Presides Over Death

9 Sep
Art Journal  selection: She Presides Over Death.

This page is from one of my six or seven (or eight, can’t remember) art journals, from a free book I got called Packing Regulations by Stanley Sacharow in 1978.

As I have become more interested in the world of art journaling, I have started more journals. After all, once you get the paint out, you can only do one page at a time, then you have to wait until it dries and you’re just sittin’ there–it’s like watching one of those hideous T-ball games that seemed to go on forever when my children were young. So why not use the paint on six or seven journals while you’re already making a mess?

My problem is that I get really interested in the subject of the books I’m using. So one of the books I found for journaling was a nice hardcover called Packing Regulations. Laugh at me if you will, but Mr. Sacharow took his job seriously and he wrote about the world of packing regulations with care. If you really think about it, how food and other items are packaged is really quite an important subject. It’s a sort of unseen until it calls itself out to you, something hidden in plain sight. It’s easy to understand on an esthetic level. Don’t those little orange-shaped Orangina bottles make the drink taste even better? But it’s also important for reasons of safety (it’s not desirable to have harmful chemicals leaching into your food), and even just for mailing things in a way that is economical yet will minimize the chance of squishing your precious Oreos or bottles of wine. It’s also important that food items conform to certain standards.

Still, it was kind of sad to see this young lady working with rows of dead chickens on a line. Yes, please someone, inspect my meat. But for a moment, I look at those corpses and they look like babies to me, plump-tummied, headless babies. So the subject of the book inspired me to make me use the picture. Which is kind of ironic, because that means I used the contents of a book about packaging to discuss contents of a package which is in the book, which means . . .well, you get the idea, it’s a bit like the Land O’ Lake Butter girl, going off into infinity.

Writing Prompt: What is one kind of packaging of a product that you admire?


135journals Art Corner: Painted clothespins

3 May

135journals Art Corner: Painted clothespins

When a girl really needs to do some boring paperwork, there is nothing that seems as urgent as a creative arts project. To create this craft, I bought plain wooden clothespins because I wanted to make my own kind of prayer flag with my own pieces of cloth that I have decorated with fabric paint and I don’t know how to sew. I thought it would be fun to paint them. So, basically, this is how I did it:
1. Painted the clothespins white (with tempera paint), inside and out, on both sides.
2. Started painting rough designs in one color after they dried (also tempera paint). As you can see, there are stripes, squiggles, boxes, and dots, among other things.Then I filled them in with other colors.
3. Got very obsessive and kept painting them for a long time, while humming to myself.
4. Very PAINFULLY finished my work.
5. Took the clothespins outside, put newspaper over them, and lightly spray-misted them with liquid polyurethane for a long time so they’d be nice and shiny.
Oh, one thing that was handy was that the way the clothespins were packaged, they were all neatly clipped onto a card. So that made it easy, too. I like the way they turned out and I can imagine a lot of other uses for them, too–clipping papers together, organizing various other kinds of items of clothing, doing something strange and boho-ish with your hair or scarf, or making a frame around a round mirror (saw that one . . . somewhere, only with decoupaged clothespins . . . was that you, Martha Stewart??).

Writing Prompt: What would you like to create today?