135 Journals art Corner: the daily drawing

12 Sep


People reading and writing at Barnes and Noble. I love their intensity. It makes them so easy to draw.

Two years ago, I promised myself that I would draw something every day, even if it was the tea cup I was drinking from. That is because my life is not so exciting that a lot of time is spent drinking tea or at least thinking about teacups. I was inspired by sitting in Barnes and Noble, waiting for my friend Camilla, in New York City. I saw a journal that was called something like “A Drawing a Day.” This book was small, and only left room for a person to draw something on half the page. I was tempted to get it (after all, I knew there would be a lot of teacup pictures), but then I remembered, Hey, Genius, you already keep a journal. If you put in a drawing a day it will communicate something special and extra about your life that words won’t. And so I have pretty much kept that promise. I’m no artistic genius, but I do LIKE to draw, so to hell with it. In the next few posts, I’ll share what I’ve seen in September, so far.

I’ll just tell you about the picture above. I spent an epic amount of time at Barnes and Noble the other day. I meant to go for a few hours and somehow, I managed to read two full books and skim through a stack of about sixteen others and it was dark. In fact, it was almost 9:00. I have lost my cellphone, so I knew exactly what my husband was thinking, and that it involved what kind of box I should be buried in and if he should move into a condo since he was a widower. I finally got home at 9:30, without having eaten dinner (I really have no appetite lately, but by 9:30 I am definitely ready to chow down). He was very sad but he did not kill me. He was very nice in fact. He had saved eating dinner for my return, just in case I was alive. I just have no idea how one minute it was bright outside and then I look up and ay maron, (Sp?) as my old friend Jon would say, it was pitch dark. I cursed myself all the way home. But I did learn a lot of things. It was a useful day, but not in the way I intended it to be. I wonder if any of my fellow readers were so breathtakingly absorbed that they, too missed out on what time it was, or if they had more common sense than I did.

Writing Prompt: Do you ever get mesmerized by something to the point it’s ridiculous?

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