135 Journals, The Daily Drawing: Quinoa pot. And why quinoa kicks brown rice’s sorry butt.

14 Sep
Pot with Quinoa drawing

Quinoa for dinner at the Hanson-Harding house, along with a vegetable tagine I made at some indeterminate date and froze without a label.

It’s late and I’m not at my most inspired, shall we say. So I will share a very simple drawing that reminds me of what we ate the other day. Fresh green beans from our garden, a vegetable tagine (fancy word for middle-eastern flavored stew–well, it’s more than that except in this house), and quinoa. Many people know why quinoa isn’t just really tasty, light and fluffier than rice, but how it’s in a whole nother class of nutritional goodness. You’d think that because rice is the go-to food for like, half the world, the Wisdom of the Herd should prevail, right? Rice should be the better choice. But if you’re eating white rice, which, lets face it, is a pretty handy food when you’re eating a lot of different cuisines, and I will continue to eat it myself, you’re really getting what is pretty much what the word meh stands for. So, I’ll up the ante and put it toe-to-toe with brown rice.

According to the Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/07/12/brown-rice-vs-quinoa_n_3587555.html), the two have about the same number of calories, but “quinoa not only has more than 50 per cent more protein with 8.1 grams per cup, it’s also one of just a few plant sources that’s a complete protein, meaning that it contains all of the needed protein-forming amino acids.” They say that a cup of brown rice will give you 14 percent of your fiber needs. Quinoa? Twenty one percent. Oh yeah, you go Quinoa.

The thing that keeps you from having three headed babies, folate (aka folic acid) IS in brown rice. Like, 2 percent per cup. Quinoa? Nineteen percent.

Brown rice has five percent of your daily iron. Yarn. Mighty quinoa has 15 percent.

Okay, brown rice has more Vitamin B3 and Selenium, whatever that is, like I care.

And check out Prevention Magazine’s Smackdown. (http://www.prevention.com/whats-healthier-quinoa-or-brown-rice) They’re both good, sure. But you know what another word for second place is? LOSER.

Even the Global Healing Center says sorry, brown rice, Quinoa is like the Iphone 6, it makes your Iphone 5s look like something out of Mannix (http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/quinoa-vs-brown-rice/). They also say it has a lot of magnesium which is really good because I forget why. It probably gives you the ability to hunt at night without goggles and live to 101.

I could give you more evidence, but then it would be bad sportsmanship, like when a fifth grade baseball team wins by 200 points and crushes the scrawny runts that decided to oppose them. Or when Rome destroyed Carthage and salted the very ground it stood on so that no other city could form there (why does this work? Isn’t that a lot of salt? Isn’t it a lot of work making salt? Okay, it is not my lot to question why . . . ).

Just remember this: Eat quinoa. And rinse it first. But eat it. Because quinoa, my friends, kicks butt.

Writing Prompt: Your favorite superfood? What is it and why?


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