Random Journal Posts: May 14-15, 1995, June 2, 1995

11 Oct

May 14, 1995

J. is so miserable. We drove home from Yaohan Plaza and he shrieked, gasped and choked  the whole way home. My nerves are completely rattled. I was really terrified. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling so scared that there’s a metallic taste in my mouth..

May 15, 1995

Packing boxes was a huge mess. By Sunday night, I felt completely lacking in energy. My limbs felt like Jell-O. I just couldn’t bear to pick up boxes I’d packed. I also ran out of energy for my little ones. We took M. miniature golfing with his friend Alex yesterday at Port Imperial Golf Course. M. played about 8 holes—crying because he wanted to skip some holes and play others about five times in a row-etc. Then we went to Yaohan plaza for lunch, where M. and Alex were completely wild and J. was shrieking because he was teething. After we got to the little shrieker home, I was supposed to carry M. in, who had fallen asleep in the car. But I fell asleep instead!

(Later)  M. talk (as J. climbs all over him.) “Mom, this is the VERY BABY I’m trying to get away from.”

June 2, 1995

Last night M. said, “Let’s draw a turtle. I want to draw a reptile. Will you help me with the shape?” But I was busy just then. Now I’m sad I never helped him. Now, when I give him a timeout, he insists he likes it. “This is nice,” he says. B. gave him a time out and M. kissed him  as he carried M. to a chair! He is so funny! He won’t give in “under torture.”

Writing Spark: Who has tired you out lately?

One Response to “Random Journal Posts: May 14-15, 1995, June 2, 1995”

  1. Julie Goldberg October 11, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    By an even more bizarre coincidence than that of one’s baby brother being the very one is trying to get away from, I am tired out by my children.

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