Random Journal Page: May 29, 1995

12 Oct

The word of the day is definitely food. We got up, went to the International House of Pancakes, bought a massive amount of food at SHopRite in Hasbrouck Heights, bought some more vegetables at the Farmers Market, and came home. Then, I put food away and cooked al afternoon until Woody and Elise came. Then, we ate. And we ate dessert. It was just lovly. Now I’m having a cup of tea and contemplating life and looking at and listening to the clamorous sky–there’s a biglightning storm outside. The air is fresh and cool. Steam from my cup , white with green polka dots, is sucked out the door. Meanwhile, the floor of the kitchen is getting wet.

Thinking about a lot of things. Like how amazing it is that the application of heat can cause flavors to change, not in one but in many different kinds of ways. How gentle heat introduces the flavor of tomato into the INSIDES of beans. How they are so bland and almost chalky in the beginning, but begin to take the flavor into themselves, so they have their own texture and presence and look, but also have that richness inside of them. But also how quick heat can also do so much, as in shishkebabs. I just like to think about things.

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