January 12, 1975

23 Sep

January 12, 1975: Last night we went to the Open Dorm at East Hall to see Leppie. We were all frustrated, so we all ran out in the snow in our socks and threw snowballs and screamed and had sock fights. It was great. Then we went inside and Joan played the piano and then we went up to Leppie’s room and Leppie and I talked about a lot of things that of things that of course both of us understood, like growing up. But he needed to know that I was old enough to understand what growing up is. Then Joan and Cari Hemenway came in and we all talked for a while, and I went down into the lounge to look at books and think. D. came into the room shouting, “Noumenon! Noumenon!” He sand sat down at the piano, and between every chord, he shouted, “Noumenon.” He stopped and said “How are you,” I said, “Oh, fine.” Then he came over and showed me his new play called “Noumenon.” Gee. We talked about him being a Broadway oriented person and my grandparents. His play is about a character in a novel that was 10 days old and walked out of the novel and didn’t like the real world so he committed suicide. He said I have become more civilized lately. THAT was quite unnecessary!

Prompt: Do YOU like the real world?? And what does Noumenon mean, anyway?

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