135Journals: Today, in Art

22 Jun

IMG_4613.jpgLately, I have been lopsidedly pursuing my artistic side. This is no doubt because of some weakness in my character causing me to avoid important tasks I should be doing rather than a true holy artistic passion. But I won’t argue with inspiration, however it arrives. I spent the morning, fooling around with a dollar store  watercolor set (as you can see above) while my darling Mr. B. fed me strawberries and raspberries from his garden and we sat out on the deck listening to a Libravox recording of  Howard’s End on YouTube.  That was pretty perfect.

In the afternoon I took photographs of  of beads for my new Etsy store–a story for another day. Yes, I have an actual, open, Etsy store! Below is an example of just one of the products I have for sale (these are some beads that I am “destashing”) . I learned how to stage photos of products in the class and I think the technique the teacher taught works pretty well. That is, use a piece of white posterboard, and shoot by a window during daylight. I also notice a dramatic angle helps give dimensionality. IMG_4698.jpg

Oh, you want to see MORE beads? Well, if you INSIST.IMG_4680.jpg

Here is a little garden of roses. Or, cabbages if you prefer. IMG_4655.jpgAnd some barrel-shaped beads good enough to eat (but I see the photo is too messy).IMG_4675 (1).jpg

And some blue beauties.

So that is some of the fun I had today. In art.


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