Random Journal Page: May 19, 1995

8 Oct

May 19, 1995

I am so tired—thanks, M., for waking me up at 5:15 this morning. He’s a very efficient waking up machine , I must say. He turns on the light and the radio and wakes up J.—mean!!!

I was really tired all day. But I did talk to M.

“Why did you wake me up when Daddy told you not to?”

“I thought the radio was already on.”

“No you didn’t. You turned on the light, you turned on the radio, and you woke up J. That was NOT nice, and it makes me sad.”

“Um, Mom, know what? I’m sad, too.”

“What? Why?”

“Because remember Paul, Kathy’s daddy? He died.”

“M., do not change the subject. That has nothing to do with you waking me up.”

“But Mom. . . “

“Don’t ‘but mom’ me. When you say ‘but mom’, all it makes me think is what you didn’t listen to what I said.

“But Mom .t .. “


He laughed. “My eyes aren’t seeing. I have to take out my eyes and put in new ones.”

I love that child! I was really sad when he left, because he wanted to take his toy dolphin to school, but he dawdled too much going up to get it. So I watched him being led by B., wearing his Mickey Mouse rain jacket, his head in his yellow hood bent down and sad. This image haunted me all day.

Writing Spark: What is it with little kids and waking up at the evil, evil crack of dawn?

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