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We Are Almost Out of Year!

31 Dec
Journal entry, December 30, 2014

My poor husband must submit to being the subject of truly terrible drawings of his unbelievably handsome countenance. Here is part of my penultimate journal entry of 2014.

So this is the sorry state of the latest journal of Ms. 135journals or so. Paint splatters from a painting on the other side of the paper. Not a very handsome likeness of Mr. 135journals. Conversation about drywall and counter mounted compost bins. An experiment with using gel medium as a transfer technique for a picture of a woodpecker that wasn’t entirely successful. But–despite the house construction, the health problems, the dented fender, the mess in my art room, I feel very lucky to have this year. I am so glad to have had time to learn about art, to read books, to talk to friends, to share a life with this beautiful creature whom I have loved since we were teens. I am proud of my wise children, and of the family I grew up with, and the one I married into. And of my family of friends.I I have had some grim times this year, but there hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t had a chance to learn something interesting and new in our great world of wonders. Even on the worst days, there is (are?) Kim Kardashian’s butt problems to amuse me. I haven’t lived up to all my hopes for myself. I haven’t been as good a friend as I wanted to be. I did not do enough to ease my friends’ sufferings, and I hope I do better next year.  I did not drop XX number of pounds. I didn’t finish writing my novel. But oh how lucky I am to have had this difficult, beautiful, year. It was a like my messy journal, full of experiments, boring little everyday details, splashes of color, wrinkles, and nostalgia. It surprises me, as I wrote (illegibly) in the entry above, that we are “almost out of year!” I hope that you readers–and thank you so much for reading this very scattered and eclectic blog!–found some good in this year, and that next year will unlock a new treasure chest of wonders for you as well.

Writing Prompt: What surprised you this past year?


July is Journaling Month #12: Mind Mapping

20 Jul



Mind mapping is one way to let your right brain harvest some of its richness as your left brain is busy with an important organzing task. I enclose this rather crappily photographed photograph of how I put together my ideas for the essay I wrote about the book “Farewell Fred Voodoo” for the Magnificentnose.wordpress.com blog. (At least I cropped out my toes, which you could see on the original as I stood on the table above it taking the picture.) I have given journaling workshops where I’ve had people make mind maps for five minutes around a simple word, sometimes my choice, sometimes theirs. I’ll give you five suggestions, and then, on a blank piece of paper, write the word in the center, and let the ideas burst from them. After that, you can write something that contains something of that imagery. I will never forget a poem that a former student wrote, Marian Kwartler, a longtime cancer patient, about the color red. It started with the red door of Gilda’s House, the cancer organization, and ended with the red hills of Israel at sunset. It was plainly one of her most enduring memories of happiness and freedom, and reading her poem was like a journey. So: 5 random words, or pick your own!

1. red; 2. house; 3. unfair; 4. winter; 5. fingers

Writing prompt: Make a mind map. Use it to write something else–a memory, a poem, a list.