135Journals: Art Card Collage

19 Oct
Collaged art cards by AlexandraHH, October 2017

Collaged art cards by AlexandraHH, October 2017

Yesterday, I was making art cards. Which is to say, I made a form of art that is created on pieces of paper that are 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches—the size of a playing card. Often, they are created ON a playing card. This is a form of art I have been experimenting with for a long time. It is difficult because it is small, but it also lets me try things quickly and discard them if they don’t work. Also, I am keeping pieces and thinking about making assemblages in the future. I am actually not sure what it all adds up to, which is part of the fun.

Art cards come in two official types—Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and Art Card Originals and Editions ACEOS. ATCs are only supposed to be traded between artists for free. ACEOs can be sold on Ebay and in person and god knows where else. Usually, the cards should have some documentation on the back explaining their provenance. Each art card should be at least substantially original.

Anyway, my latest experiments in art card making are all about color and collage as you can see. Most of the ones above are on watercolor paper, though a few are on cards with magazine images collaged on them. I have either painted watercolors on the watercolor paper or I have marbled the paper. On top of that I have collaged magazine flowers (or are they sea creatures)? I actually don’t know what they are. I have a feeling of what they are. They are the feeling of force and expanding and stubbornness that comes out of me. Call me crazy, but I do feel as if I have a certain energy inside of me that says “NO!” (as in, no, I will not be crushed), and a lot of that resistance and force is expressed by the sunbursts straight on and the rays going sideways. They’re sort of the same thing, if you see what I mean. All of them project outward, like the Big Bang. So make of it what you will.

I suppose the combination of colors is rather oceanlike, too, now that I look at it. So maybe it is more of an ocean than a field of flowers. You may notice that there is part of a paper lace doily in a bottom card. I spend a lot of time treating papers with various tinctures of color. I make various elixirs and soak and spray white papers to get various color effects. That was originally a white paper but now it has various gradations of pinkish, yellow, orange that you can’t quite see here. I spend a lot of trouble and fascination on such things.

These explorations in art cards are a great interest to me, whatever meaning they may have to another person, because they help show how pleasingly objects relate in size within a space. They show how different colors look side by side. They show what rules you should keep and what you can reak. One new thing I tried for the first time yesterday is making a card like the third one in the second row, with the big purple squidlike fan of arms. I liked the way that one turned out and see more possibilities there.

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