The Magical Place My Husband Took Me

4 Jun
The mighty Hudson. June 1, 2017. Alexandra Hanson-Harding.

The mighty Hudson. June 1, 2017. Alexandra Hanson-Harding.

Last week, my husband said, “This Thursday is the surprise I told you about. I’ll bet you aren’t even curious, are you?”
“Not really.”
“You’re so easy to trick,” he said. “Everything is a surprise for you.”
(I probably shouldn’t say that on a blog, should I? It’s not that I’m never suspicious. It’s just that when it comes to my husband, my experience has taught me that most surprises tend to be nice ones. So I am not anxious with him. I feel quite at peace with my honest, tenderhearted life partner.
So on Thursday, we got in the car, drove north into New York state, and listened to a book on Audible quite pleasantly while I doodled in my journal, and I didn’t pay too much attention until we got to a very pretty town along the Hudson River. And then, he hefted our backpack and my capacious Bag of Amusements into a walk into the woods. It ended in climbing a short bridge to an old-fashioned lighthouse on the Hudson River, which has been turned into a bed and breakfast, for only two couples per night. He had gotten the reservations in January! It was a complete surprise. It was a magical–quaint and pretty on the inside, and surrounded by water and light on the outside. We watched the sky and the clouds and the water for hour that day and the next morning. Every once in a while fish (herring?) would just flop and create circles. Fleets of clouds moved busily across the sky. Vs of geese honked northward and so did the occasional barge or sailboat. Silvery trains tooted by on the east bank. Shadows shimmered across the blue and green mountains. The water shimmered with light and dark. What a glorious ancient river, it filled me with yearning, and what a companion, the one person with whom I can sit in quietness for hours in peace and still feel understood and understanding. It was so happy, and to be there was like storing nutrition to feed the leanness of some future difficult day.

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