135JournalsTime Travel: September 12, 1981

13 Sep

Note: This week I will share a few selections from volume 51 of my journals. I wrote this when I was 22 and had moved to Brooklyn after graduating from college. Happy snooping!

Brian and I have had a nice day today. We went to Coney Island today and went swimming. We lazed around on the beach and went and watched the corny, strange things they have there. I ate a piece of corn and had a Pepsi. Brian had a pastellilo, which tasted as bad as it looked, and a chocolate milkshake (mmm).

(Brian writes) “And you forgot some very important bits of nostalgia—our little trip down to the end of the “7” line was also a trip down genetic memory lane. My father ran the roller coaster on Coney Island as a summer job and my parents had their first date there. They went on the roller coaster and my mother almost got sick. “

There’s a happy story from Brian. Grimalkin was darling this morning—more affectionate than she almost ever is.

Brian sees a baby carried in a Snuggli. He says, “That’s nice—that’s the way nature intended for babies to be carried, only upside down.” After wandering around and window shopping—I saw a suit in the window which I loved—I had to go in and try on other suits since they didn’t have that exact particular one, and try on a big comfortable sleeping bag coat. Then off to the Bruno Bakery for Apple crumb cake and iced tea. Felt very mushy.

Talk to S. on the telephone. He says he’s written 12 pages of a story, another autobiographical story. He says he’s been reading a book called Wild Oats, and it’s been helping him.

I found a poster on the subway, a huge one, on a recent movie called Deadly Blessings, featuring a pair of sinister hands coming down the face of a woman who is sleeping, hair spread out in the middle, arms folded under her breasts so they push up, even though they’re supposed to be flat, through a thin through a thin nightgown, and on the top it says something about a deadly secret kept through the generations. I felt like a fool carrying it on the subway, but I remember when I found a huge paper mache rabbit’s head in Greenwich Village and left it in K and J’s apartment and how they screamed with laughter, and I thought this might scare them and make them laugh. I want to spend more time with them. I want to be more respectful of my friends and treat them as the treasures they are.

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