135Journals Art Corner, 13 Days of Christmas, Day 6

21 Dec

Not really “Day 6,” per say, as it is December 1st, but I am operating on the United States Postal Service Idea of mailing it in. Or the Fed Ex idea. I sent a package via Fed Ex Ground services a couple of weeks ago. I brought it in to Fed Ex office in New Jersey on a Sunday to be sent to a company in New York City, less than 10 miles away. You could literally see it from where I was. The building where I was sending it to was on top of the New York Penn Station train station, a 22 minute train ride away, if you felt like shlepping 20 pounds of books and someone wasn’t paying to get their damn books from the project I had just finished for them back. So I send off the books, hear nothing, think, huh, forget about it, and then eventually email to check about the fate of the package and the package didn’t get there until Friday. Seriously? It takes Fedex from Sunday to Friday to get a package on a 22 minute train ride? A certain bearded gentleman and I had some rollicking chuckles over that one over some generously spiked eggnog. Or maybe we were just chuckling over the generously spiked eggnog. There were some “don’t eat yellow snow” jokes that were making his merry eyes twinkle with hilarity yet I oddly cannot seem to recall why they were exactly so funny at the moment.After Christmas, he’s gotta lighten up on the sauce. I don’t want to upset the applecart at the moment, though. His cardiologist and I have been whispering a lot, but he’s been pretty good about taking those baby aspirins and well. . .

Anyway, here’s #6. It’s very abstract, so see if you will have to use your Twentieth Century eyes to see if you can abstract its arcane meaning. Good luck!


Christmas mystery Item. Merry Christmas Madness 6, Art Project #58, Alexandra Hanson-Harding

Christmas mystery Item. Merry Christmas Madness 6, Art Project #58, Alexandra Hanson-Harding


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