There’s a 4-letter word that means “Violent Sexual Assault” for this. The government is not supposed to do it to innocent people.

13 Aug

I am having a hard time catching my breath at the woman hating lately. I am having a hard time understanding how anyone can use his or her power to dehumanize a fellow citizen in this manner. I personally feel that I go through my days with an assumption that I have the right to be treated with dignity (especially) if I break no laws, (and even then, that there are rules), that if I am behaving lawfully  no one has the right to touch me or to force me to remove as much as a scarf. I think of this kind of violation as nothing less than state rape and I wonder why this is acceptable. Is cavity-searching what any of us would want for our daughters or sons, our parents or grandparents, for ourselves?

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