Caturday, March 28, 2015: Cat v. Dog. You don’t need to ask who’s going to win.

28 Mar

My friend, bella Evelyn, currently living in Milan, Italy, where she is learning how to become a famous shoemaker–remember her name–took time from her busy days of leather-cutting and last-making and pattern-doing or whatever magical things she does to make actual shoes from scratch to send me this inspirational dog v. cat video. It reminds one of the power of NO. Sometimes, one does not have to engage in battle. One merely has to retain one’s elegant hauteur in the face of bluster, growling, and vulgar threats. Also, notice the power of a stony glare. That dog did not dare to come close to the cat as the kitty silently turned its head and stared straight at the pup. Excellent body language. Well done, Madame Cat, and many thanks to the lovely Evelyn of Milan.

Writing Prompt: When you fight, are you more of a growler or a glarer?

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