Caturday: Maddie the Foster Kitty Will Make You Drool With Love

8 Mar


For several months, my friend Carli has been taking care of a gloriously adorable kitty named Maddie. If I didn’t have two cats already and an aversion to cleaning litter boxes, I would be stealing through the night and breaking into Carli’s apartment to kidnap this scrumptious little beast. I would probably bring Carli a nice snack, too. Oh, maybe I’d ring the doorbell. I wish arli could keep Maddie–you can just see the love in each photo–but she’s unfortunately allergic to cats. If you live in the New Yorkish area and you’re a really, really good person with a stable home and you want a cat, Carli might be willing to relinquish Maddie. My opinion? You’d be lucky to have her. If you want to make inquiries, ask me and I’ll pass them along. Here she is:

 10988912_10153633108011490_5871513761809466220_n 10997521_10153634898106490_5945727698599840595_o 11001660_10153636487436490_176678541768773761_o

Writing Prompt: What makes a pet irresistable to you?

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