135Journals Art Corner: Super Fun 100 Percent Free Coloring Page Number 1!

27 Feb
Free Coloring Page #1 from Raymonds by Alexandra Hanson-Harding

Free Coloring Page #1 from Raymonds by Alexandra Hanson-Harding

Did you ever sit at a restaurant table and stare at its paper placemat and think, “I’ve got a pen. You’re paper. Surely the tree that made you died for more than for you to sop up salad dressing grease. You are meant for a greater fate–to be the recipient of my doodles.” I’m guessing of COURSE you’ve thought that. Who wouldn’t? This here doodle, plainly made at a restaurant called Raymonds is the result of this brilliant idea. The pattern is based on a quilt pattern whose name I forget. I love this pattern. Alas, it is sadly bereft of color. I want to color it, but first, I thought I would share it and see if anyone else wanted to try coloring it, too, just for fun. I saw on Facebook that there is a page for people who don’t like to make their own designs, but who find coloring to be very soothing. Sometimes they are really, really talented at it. If anyone feels like coloring this page (or heck, any other), I would be glad to post it on this blog. And if I get myself together, maybe I’ll color it in, too. The possibilities are endless.

Art Prompt: What color combinations would look good with this kind of pattern? How would you color it in. Why not just print it out and try it?

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