Caturday, January 10: Loose Cannon

10 Jan
Thelonius Monk in Loose Cannon Box

Thelonius Monk in Loose Cannon Box

All right, Monk seems to be saying with his green, glowing eyes, perhaps I am a sucker for a box. It may be that I will never meet a box that does not need testing. Certainly, I have never in my life experienced such a box. And so, you may find my behavior in some way risible. I would like to just pose a question to you humans. What if there were a whole lot of human-sized boxes just sitting there. Just the perfect size to sit down in. I’d like to see if YOU could pass up the opportunity. From where I sit, I think not.

Writing Prompt: What can you simply not resist?

One Response to “Caturday, January 10: Loose Cannon”

  1. alphabetstory January 11, 2015 at 3:19 am #

    Monk must be an observant fellow. Why just the other day I saw A Box. The perfect one to just sit in and meditate. I won’t say I did, but thinking back, it might have been fun. I missed a great opportunity I guess.

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