Chitchatting with Julie in Art

3 Dec
Chitchatting with Julie in art

Can you tell from this painting that the conversation between Julie and me flows magically?

My friend Julie and I meet each Sunday for what she terms “brunchurch.” It is our sacrament. She puts up with my compulsive need to do something with a pen at all times–usually writing down her incredibly wise and funny words, sometimes drawing. I have been trying a new technique of creating decorative papers that I learned from the fabulous blog of a Finnish multimedia artist named Paivi ( Paivi shares wonderful and very doable ideas about ways to create art, and shows her process to, ss she writes, “Encouraging you to step from making crafts to creating art. Let’s fly to the world of imagination.”  One of her recommendations is to start making decorative papers by first covering a page with watercolor circles, and then using other media, such as crayons, pens, gel pens, other paint, etc. to doodle, color in, and enrich the page. I brought my notebook with a watercolor page and during the conversation, I made this picture. I like to think that it has my conversation with Julie embedded in it.

Writing Prompt: What are some websites that inspire you?

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