Insanely Insane Photo Essay Part 3: New York, New York

1 Nov

And now, the final installment of one girl’s dramatic adventure of crossing New York City.


girl on subway elevator in NYC

This young lady was on the escalator down into the bowels of the subway, looking rather put out about life. But what a pity, because . . .


man sells candy in subway store, New York

There are many stores down in the subway station that sell CANDY!


Selling flowers in subway. New York.

And if you don’t want candy, you can buy flowers in the subway station.


silver shoes, New York subway

You might get some new fashion ideas, like wearing fabulous silver shoes.


Christian against whoremongers

Or you might get some helpful advice. Whoremongers, you have officially been warned.


Mosaic ladies, New York Subway

These mosaic ladies certainly seem to be enjoying themselves on the walls of the subway.

And then, I reach my destination, Port Authority, for a bus back to the Garden State, all too soon. Thanks for joining me!

Writing Prompt: Where did you journey today? Or, if you prefer, In Defense of Whoremongering.

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