Insanely Insane Photo Essay: Crossing New York, Part 1

30 Oct

Did you ever notice how many blogposts use the word “insane”? I definitely want a piece of that action! Anyway, I went to Le Grande Pomme today to go see another damn doctor. This one is so far on the East Side that I swear to the great Goddess I was halfway into Queens. So I thought I would share the ramble with you, because New York is just fabulous piled on insanely fabulous, even when it’s cold, rainy and getting dark.


chairs barber shop

chairs outside a barber shop in NYC.


Barber shop, NYC

Barber shop, NYC


Diner, NYC

Diner, NYC


bike rider in the rain, NYC

bike rider in the rain, NYC


Shoe fixing shop. NYC

Shoe fixing shop. NYC

More insanity to come!

Writing Prompt: What impression did you get of NY from these pictures? What do you think of New York in general?

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