Art Journaling: Crazy Flowers and Circles

31 Aug


Crazy Circles and Flowers

Crazy Circles and flowers, drawn in marker in the journal of the latest side by the oddly obsessed Alexandra H.


Today’s offering comes from my regular journal. I used markers so I put an old folder behind it so I wouldnt ruin the next page. I guess it shows my obsessive/compulsive side. If only it extended to searching with vigor and thoroughness for lost library books, my iphone and my new orthotics, and all of these stupid papers that were really important. But no, when I am let free to my own devices, it is to doodle like this. But it’s a happy picture nad it makes me happy, too. And besides, I made something. That’s got to have some value, right?


Wriiting prompt: What did you make today (or this week)?

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