Art Journaling: Quilt Patterns

28 Aug
Quilt patterns drawn by Alexandra Hanson-Harding

quilt patterns drawn by me on a Maine Windjammer.



When I was on vacation–partly on a Maine schooner, lucky me!–I got to meet a number of very interesting and artistic people. One of them was an avid quilter. This woman was one of those dynamos, those balaboostas, those indefatigable souls who not only ran marathons and raised two kids who served in Afghanistan, but she also quilted. I had brought a book about quilting on my trip because I have been fascinated by patterns, and she told me how systematically each square is assembled. Anyway, I drew on the book and her words for these pictures that are in my regular journal, the one where I always complain that my mother was mean to me and therefore the fact that I lose things constantly is in no way my fault. That’s fair, right? Also, I stay up too late. Mom, don’t you think it’s time to step up to the plate and take responsibility for ALL of my flaws?

Anyway, I like to draw something in my journal every day–a person I saw, a pattern, an artful border. So this is one contribution from a wet, rainy, but still fun trip sailing around Penobscot Bay with artists who taught me how they do their craft. Oh, and the chances that I would have anything to do with REAL quiltmaking is about, um, zero. So my hats are off to the hardcore crafters who make their quilts by actually sewing them themselves.


Writing Prompt: What patterns do you see around you as you go through your day?

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