135Journals Art Corner: what I did at Physical Therapy

2 Jun




Sometimes, it gets a little boring doing thirty leg lifts this way, that way, the other way, yada yada. Or trying to walk on some spongy material and not knock over little orange cones. I think of the words “yada yada” because when I was lucky, Seinfeld was blasting on the giant TV in the small room. When I wasn’t lucky, which was most of the time, it was The King of Queens. OMG, I’m getting a flashback to the episode where Carrie was such a bitch that every Korean nail salon in Queens wouldn’t do her nails. Crisis!!!!! Or another episode where Carrie and Doug were obsessed with trying to figure out how much they were going to spend on other people’s Christmas presents because they thought they overheard other people saying they were going to give THEM expensive presents and they didn’t want to seem cheap . . . I’m getting flashbacks, horrible flashbacks to the theme song . . . as I tried doing leg lifts wearing those ankle bracelet things . . . the therapists were as sweet as could be. But I always wonder how THEY could stand watching the same episode of The King of Freaking Queens all damn day . .. . getting chills just thinking about it.


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