What Were They Thinking? Crud From Craigslist, Part 4

1 May



Used Oil: Free to Good Home.

Without further ado, may I present items that you may get for the fine price of FREE from Craigslist?? Surely you have a burning need for one of them.

  1. Bargainistas, just think of what you can do with these fine containers of USED OIL (above)! That’s right. It’s out back–help yourself. But if you come, you better pick up all 30. That’s the deal. The imagination reels at the possibilities, so you’d better move fast.



2. Would you like a piping hot cup of coffee to start your day? Well, you won’t get one out of this coffeemaker. It’s broken. Should you care to pick it up its only function now is to torment you with the dreams of cups of java you might have enjoyed if only it worked, and to go out into the world in a hideously undercaffeinated haze.



3. Get in your car and DASH, because this household is giving away a teeny little cord to something. I’m sure it’s worth the price of the gas money to drive over and pick whatever the heck it is.


4. Who doesn’t need 570 pounds of glycerine? Especially Kosher grade glycerine. Personally, I need it like a luch in kupf, but for somebody who’s fresh out of 570 pounds of glycerine, what a mechiah! (okay I cheated a little with my Yiddish: http://www.pass.to/glossary/gloz2.htm)




5. Miscellaneous lighting parts. Do they go together? Who knows. I mean, they go together in the sense that they were all thrown into the same BOX. But if you’re up for untangling this mystery, these babies are all yours.


Writing Prompt: What did you get for free today? A smile? A kitten on your feet? A good piece of gossip?




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