10 Things to Do with Baking Soda. Not Good Things Necessarily. But Things.

3 Mar


Area man says, “Now that’s what I call a lot of baking soda!”


I know how readers of this blog are very concerned with the fine points of grooming and huswifery (and husbandry), so I knew that an article offering 10 things to do with baking soda would be an astronomical attention grabber. So pause for a minute, go to the cupboard, get that little orangey-yellow box, and we are ON.


  1. When you put clothes in your drawers, sprinkle it liberally on top of each layer to remove odors. Yes, it may leave some powdery residue, but it will just make you look cleaner to those in the know.
  2. Have a tea party. On a tray, arrange a plate of scones, a teapot, milk and sugar, plates, and a dainty little bowl of baking soda. Conversation starter!
  3. Pour 2 tsp. of baking soda in your little brother’s cereal in the morning. When he says his milk tastes weird, tell your mother he’s a little liar as usual.
  4. Make a paste of baking soda and water and pat it onto your face. Now you’ve got that “put together” look that’s perfect for the office.
  5. One word: Bakingsodatini.
  6. If your house catches on fire and becomes a blazing inferno, toss some boxes of baking soda at it. Might not help, couldn’t hurt.
  7. Addicted to expensive Frappucinos or Lattes at those pricey places like Starbucks? Add a tablespoon of baking soda to curb those cravings.
  8. If you’re taking a bath with a jellyfish, stinging CAN be a problem. Add some baking soda to the water to tame the “ouch” factor.
  9. If you want to make a dramatic entrance at a party, simply prepare 1 cup vinegar to ½ cup baking soda. Pour into head-sized papier mache “volcano” taped to your head just before you enter.  You’ll make a splash.
  10. Sharing a cubicle with a stinker? Simply build wall with 10-20 boxes of baking soda for a combination fortification/subtle hint.



I’m sure that I’m not the only one with awesome ideas for baking soda. Because those manskanks over at Lifehackery.com (yeah, I’m talking about you, “Marvin”)
 apparently have 75 hints for b.s. http://lifehackery.com/2008/07/22/home-4. Damned showoff.

But I’m sure my readers can come up with better ideas.


Writing Prompt of the Day: What are your most exciting baking soda ideas???

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