January 2014 Statistics

27 Feb


What you must abandon before you enter the magic world that is the Daily Show.


Okay, a little on the late side . . . but . . .

Biopsies: 1

MRIs: 1

Blogposts written: 14

Times I was late: all

Deaths: Molly, beloved dog of my sister. This golden retriever is one of the biggest heart melter you could ever imagine. She

Kindle Paperwhites broken because you shouldn’t read the Three Musketeer while walking down steps or you’ll splat: 1

Best Accomplishment: making my sister Mrs. Elizabeth Pederson’s Dundee buns and mailing them to her right away so they got there when they were fresh, because they make her happy.

Second Best Accomplishment: Passed 5,000 viewers or readers or whatever they call them on this blog.

Interesting new experience: Taking my first MOOC. (How to Write for the Web).

Also interesting: Seeing Jon Stewart Live. Sigh.

Movies Seen: Inside Llewen Davis, Nebraska, Philomena, American Hustle,

Book Group selection: Americanah by Chiminandah Ngozie Adizie.

Third Best Accomplishment: Spelling Chiminandah Ngozie Adizie.

Fourth Best Accomplishment: Writing 14 blog posts. 

Some things  I cooked: Giambatta (Italian vegetable stew). Seared tuna. Frittata. Popovers. spaghetti sauce. Thai style cauliflower soup with coconut milk. Pumpkin soup with onions, apple and sage. Mrs. Elizabeth Pederson’s Dundee Buns. Granddaddy Frank Eggs. Oatmeal. Vegetarian chili. Rice.

–Most disliked white substance: Snow.  

Writing Prompt: Now that you’ve had a month, what sticks out to you about your January 2014?

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