Seven Questions From Yahoo Advice

30 Jan

Seven Questions From Yahoo Advice

Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810-1896) (Public Domain US, thanks, Wikimedia Commons!)

In my quest to become an Advice Auntie, a lovely new friend of mine recommended that I take a look at some of the real-life questions on Yahoo Answer (since none of my real life friends want to be victims for my helpfulness). I found some touching questions for future use, but today, I would like to share some of the more, let’s just say eclectic, unusual, and odd questions that people asked. Today’s challenge is to you, dear reader, to answer any or all of them. And if you log in to Yahoo, I believe you can even answer the right person if you click on their names in this post (could be wrong about this). So: Seven Questions:

1. Do you have to buy food at a restaurant?
• Ixo My friends want to go to a sushi restaurant for my friends birthday. The restuarant only serves sushi and I’m pretty disinterested in buying the food but i still want to go out with my friends. Is it acceptable that i accompany them but make no purchases?

2. How to start a story?
• skylar
My story’s about a teenage boy who’s a demon and he’s been trapped in a secret laboratory because he’s a demon and then eventually the demon hunters kidnap a girl demon and the boy and girl grow a bond and eventually escape how should I start this off

3. Should I be a preschool teacher or nail teacher? Help?
• Michelle Denton

4. Negative description of the mall?
• blahblahblah
I need a negative description of the mall. Make it sound like it’s a place with lots of people and chaos.

5. How many colleges has in Forks, WA?
• Rebeca
I need this for an English assignment. Thanks!

6. Why does a person ignore in a text msg?
when you write to someone and that person doesnt reply at all, whats that suppose to mean . annd its always not sometimes. && what should i do about it?
asked by Barbie in Chicago

7. Who is the author of this weird book i barely remember?
Cody Wright
• I’m trying to remember all of this from about 5 years ago so I can’t give much information but i’ll try my best. I’m almost certain that the title of the book is RAT just one word and the entire book is centered on the sad brutally morbid life of a rat. The book is very realistic and at times just plain wrong which is why i like it so much. I remember the cover of the book being all black with just a rats face with glowing red eyes. I do remember that the authors name was very foreign definitely not an enlish name.

All I can say is. Wow. My answers (briefly.)
1. YES, you have to buy food in a restaurant. And you have to tip.
2. Begin the story in the middle.
3. Nail teacher. Definitely. P.S. What’s a nail teacher?)
4. (The mall one definitely deserves some time to expand upon. I love that the writer is outsourcing his/her own creative writing assignment, however.)
5. I think they have two. One is Werewolf Jr. College and the other is Vampire U.
6. A. What’s IN the text message? B. Oh to hell with it we all know the answer—He’s Just Not That Into You.
7. Is this Willard? All I can say is that this sounds like one awesome book.

Writing Prompt: Write a scene about a horrible day at the mall.

One Response to “Seven Questions From Yahoo Advice”

  1. fransiweinstein February 3, 2014 at 2:06 pm #

    OMG!!! I know you’re not making this up, but I can’t believe it’s true. God help us.

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