How To Be A Slug

22 Aug

IMG_8938As you may not be able to read, these drawings are of my cat Monk being a slug. It is very important for cats to be slugs and sometimes it is important for humans to be sluggish, too. It is 3:00 o’clock and I am in my magical pyjamas writing in a very slow and stupid way about the history of oil in Texas. My mind goes in every direction. Toenails: too long. Can I sneak in another game of Mahjong Dimensions, a game at which I magically never improve? Should I read MORE productivity hacks that I’m not going to implement from Lifehacker? Heart fills with love for friends I haven’t written emails to for a long time. Write emails to Joyce, Maggie, Danny, etc.? Slowly drinking cup of tea. Looking out at the prayer flags and flowers and green trees in the dripping backyard. Must call sister and mother. Is fracking good or bad? Must write post about this. Two posts! “Eat your eggs,” says husband sternly. I take a bite. Rainwater drips, drips, drips off the porch umbrella. Make unpleasant but necessary phone calls? Oh god no. My magical pyjamas keep me from wanting to move anywhere. And indeed, I should not be going anywhere. I should be writing about oil. Dum de dum. I wonder what thoughts the cat is thinking? 1. Lie on pile of laundry. 2. Lie on top of leather couch and reward it with some nice scratches. 3. Continue to ponder why humans didn’t allow me in house with mouse in my mouth. 4. When are they going to get rid of that kitten? I learned my lesson,  I appreciate it, now can they take that annoyance away? 5. How else can I bend the humans to my mighty will?

How to Journal prompt: Do you ever feel sluggish? Ever want to avoid work? What kinds of thoughts run through your mind? Make a list.

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