July is Journaling Month Part 19: Kitchen Dreams

28 Jul

On Friday I had so much fun making the search for my lost journal into a story with words and pictures. I had never done anything like that before. I was curious to see how distracted I could be from my main goal, though I did get a lot of things done that I didn’t expect to get done, like going to the stained glass store. It was so interesting to meet the matter of fact, nice looking, middle aged woman who had been doing this kind of work for 25 years. I enjoyed being with my husband and dreaming about the kitchen we’re going to change. We’re going to add ten feet to the back of the house so I can have a woman-cave/office (i.e; Mr. B. wants a place to throw my crap that I leave lying around all the time.) It is intriguing to think of the possibilities of how the space can be altered. We can have a “peninsula” with a sink in it that looks out the large glass back windows, for instance, into our backyard. So you could wash dishes and look out at the squirrels and trees and Mr. B’s garden. Of you could fill up glasses of water and pass them to the people at the kitchen table. I need to lie down a lot, so I got an idea that we should have a “nook” in the new section of the kitchen, one large enough so that if I were at dinner and I needed to lie down, I could—but which could also serve as half of the seating for the table if we had a number of guests. Our dishwasher is on its last legs and the oven is old and outdated, and I don’t know what style we should use. We tend to gravitate toward the same things—our biggest furniture splurges have been on a Stickley dining room set and a beautiful Stickley bed.

We also like vegetable dyed carpets and fairly bold colors. Which is a bit at odds with the Stickley style, which favors a more naturalistic palette. So we’re a little bit art nouveau, a little bit Italian/French country kitchen, a little bit cottage style (like wainscoting) and a little bit Prairie style/Frank Lloyd Wright-ish. I am also favoring a color palette that reminds me either of Turkey or of India. I can imagine using yellow with a sort of dull blue and middle range purple for accents. Or I can imagine yellow with hints of the sinuous beauty of cobalt blue Iznik pottery. We have a friend, Anna Sher, an incredible artist. She makes massive sculptures and gates and other things out of metal.



I went to college with Anna and her best friend Joyce, and I am completely stunned by her talent.

Anway, she had a brilliant idea about decorating. She had found a 1950s formica table with bright colors that she really liked. So she painted everything in the room one of those colors. After a trip to Turkey, we came home with a small but precious rug, I forget the style, and we hung it up and painted everything in the room one of its colors. I found blankets to cover the ugly Ikea couches we bought in just the right hue, and we got lots of pillows. It inspired all the other decorations for the room, which we call our “rest area.” It is a wonderful place to read and think.

I have a Pinterest page


with ideas for this kitchen. But I am craving more. Okay, as you can see, I am easily distracted from the subject at hand (how to find your journal), and now I am all up into this magical dream kitchen where we aren’t going to be all crowding into each other

Prompt: So if you were going to build a dream kitchen, what would it contain? What kind of counters? What special features? What kind of storage space? Open or closed? Wall hangings? Rugs? Islands? Sinks? Dishwashers? How would you reorganize your spices? What kind of statement would you  want your kitchen to say? Oh, and what about shoes? We’re a take-off-your-shoes family in honor of our many Asian friends and their customs. But there are so many of them they litter the steps when you try to get into the side door of our house. Do you have good ideas for shoe storage? Are you happy with your kitchen? If you could improve anything, what would it be?

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