July is Journaling Month #13: Sunday Picnic

21 Jul


Somewhere, sometime, somebody thought this was jolly good fun. 

Picnics . . .a time when one leaves one’s perfectly lovely kitchen to eat among the flora and fauna for no particular reason. A traditional cheap date, excuse to get the family out of the house, and opportunity to be eaten (by insects) while eating. I wrote these questions for the Table Topics section of Toastmasters. That is a very fun and challenging part of a Toastmaster where a question is tossed out and somebody–chosen by the Table Topics Master–has two to three minutes to answer it. So, answer as many or as few of the following as you please:

31 questions about picnics

  1. If you were asked to bring your best summer dish to a picnic, what would it be?
  2. What’s your favorite picnic food?
  3. What’s the best picnic you’ve ever been on and why?
  4. What’s something you would eat on a picnic that you wouldn’t eat any other time?
  5. Marie Dressler once asked, “If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all the picnics?” What do you think?
  6. HOW is life like a picnic?
  7. What is your opinion of picnics? What do you love or hate about them?
  8. If you were a member of the National Picnic Council, what would you say to promote picnics?
  9. Did your family go on picnics when you were growing up? If so, what did they eat?
  10. Would you eat the same picnic foods that you ate when you were on a childhood picnic?
  11. If you were going to make a romantic picnic just for you and someone you were in love with, what would you bring and where would you go?
  12.  Do you know of any good places to have a picnic?
  13. Did you ever have an indoor picnic? Would you want to? How would you do it?
  14.  Tom Barrett said, “If the rain spoils our picnic, but saves a farmer’s crop, who are we to say it shouldn’t rain?” Do you agree or disagree?
  15. What are the things in your life that make it a picnic?
  16. Have you ever had a picnic in any other season but summer? If you were going to have a picnic in winter, how would you do it?
  17. What picnic foods do you dislike the most?
  18.  What is the point of picnics, since most of us have perfectly nice air-conditioned kitchens to eat in?
  19. What’s the biggest picnic you’ve ever been to? Was it fun?
  20.  Do you enjoy going out in nature in general?
  21. W.H. Auden said, “Death is the sound of distant thunder at a picnic.” What do you think he meant by that? What do picnics represent in that quote.
  22.  If you could have a picnic with someone famous from the past, with whom would you dine and what questions would you ask them?
  23. What is the proper way to dress for a picnic?
  24.  Is a picnic at the beach different from a picnic in the woods? Which is better?
  25. Would you ever have a breakfast picnic? What would you bring to it?
  26. How about a midnight picnic?
  27. Why do people use the expression that negative experiences are “no picnic”? What is something that is “no picnic” for you.
  28.  Do you think picnics are more fun when you bring kids along or when you don’t?
  29.  When you go on road trips, do you bring picnics along, or do you stop at drive throughs or eat out? Why do you make that choice?
  30. What’s the strangest experience you’ve had on a picnic?
  31.  Do you think picnics should be more popular than they are? Are they less popular than they used to be?

Writing Prompt #13:  Write a 2 or 3 minute answer to as many of these picnic questions as you like.

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