July is Journaling Month Part 11: Vacation!!

18 Jul


My very charming sister-in-law and adorable niece looking all beachy and happy on vacation.

Isn’t it strange that when you go on vacation you start remembering all these other things that happened on different vacations? I remember a dog that hung around with us for three days on a Greek island that we called Argos after Odysseus’s dog, and two surly dogs we spent some time with in Puerto Rico, whom we called Rockbiter and Roadkill.

Are you about to go on vacation? Are you even ON vacation? Take a few minutes and write down a few of the little deals. You’ll be happy later! I will share a bit from an old journal about a massive road trip we took around America in 2003…

July 30, 2003

We stayed at a GREAT hostel yesterday at Fort Worden State Park, some old military base. It was clean, all you can eat pancakes for a donation. . .  . I hope we can find a hotel now. Endless folds of mountains, now getting shadows of darkness among the shaggy green.

It is hot, 105 degree. I see big ranch house on the tops of the hills.

Now, rocky mountains, with fir growing between, a river, sandy banks, running shallowly between them.

Simple homes, some at the base of mountains.

I see a lot more solar energy in the country, which is ideal.

On the Ferry from Kingston to Everett, WA, we met a woman with a parrot on her shoulder who was s sitting with a man with a parrot on his. They had just met.

Animals we have met: Pensacola: Bullseye the cat (and frogs), , Louisiana, house of the bed and breakfast; Taos, cats (Alabama and her kittens); Chinle, sheep dog; Flagstaff, prairie dogs; rest stop, scorpions; Moraga, Molly the dog, Snickers the cat,  Ceci’s cat  professor Longhair.

Anyway, this woman talked to her parrot like a baby., and kissed it, and said, “Mama loves you; yes she does,” and many things of this nature. The man raised his parrot from the time it was an egg. A breeder sent him the egg and a little incubator, which he later sent back. He came from the South, and had been  around birds all his life.

Yesterday I also talked to a woman named Dana Dukes, a cousin by marriage of Wesley, the Kansas farmer. She grew up in Alaska, where her father was fisherman and later a member of the fisheries board. She’d go to fishing camps each summer. Anyway, she went to travel with her husband on a portable lumber camp—huge rafts that were pulled by barges, on which stood a number of trailers. The women there got together and would go on shore to gather berries or fish for salmon or let their children play on the beach. “Whenever we went on shore we had to take something big enough to shoot a bear.” She made her own bread.

Oh, just reading about it makes me want to get in the car and drive ANYWHERE.

Today’s prompt: “One of the most interesting things that ever happened to me on vacation was . . . “

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