July is Journaling Month Part 4: Decisions

7 Jul



Yesterday I got some more great responses to Prompt 1, about describing where you were at that very moment, and soon I want to share them, because they have inspired some new ideas. I also received some great lists. But first, I myself am lolling around on my friend Dan’s couch in his quaint house in Rhinebeck, New York. He is away and lent it to us and we LOVVVVE him. I am taking advantage of my time in this beautiful natural setting by lounging around reading books (parts of Joseph Campbell, the Meaning of Myth, a really compassionate book called The Lonely Patient and the first half of Antigone) and writing. I hardly moved until evening. It felt like heaven. Mr. Me went on a mere 40 mile bike ride looking at all the stone houses and fields and bosky glens and whatnot. He listened to the 17-year-cicadas and a couple of dead ones got stuck in his bike wheel, making a strange humming even after death. He bought locavorish cherries and sausage, and fresh figs, blueberries and bread. Later, we went out to eat amazing hamburgers and fresh-cut French fries from a tiny place called The Matchbox, sitting at a picnic table and watching soft evening  light shine through leaves. We took a long walk around cute, trendy little Rhinebeck, then came back. He worked on a NYT crossword puzzle and complained that it was fiendishly difficult, so I sternly said that somebody had to do it, so he’d best carry on.  He laughed, then picked up the book he is reading, Michael Pollan’s Cooking. We went outside in the dark and heard the music of frogs and watched thousands of fireflies sparking light among the dark trees, while overhead the sky was filled with stars. And we reached our fingers out and they touched, and that, too, felt like electric sparks. We held hands, standing there in a field at night full of wild wonder and soft air. It was the last night of our 28th year of marriage. And now, July 7, 2013,  it is the first day of the 29th.

Prompt #3: What’s the best decision you ever made?

One Response to “July is Journaling Month Part 4: Decisions”

  1. fransiweinstein July 8, 2013 at 12:02 pm #

    Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary.

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