May is ___________ Month

8 May

IMG_5945Last spring I was wandering around Italy to visit my precious young one who was studying there, and one of the things that most fascinated me was the wonderful ways that women—and men—wore scarves. There seemed to be no end to the varieties of ways that they tied them. It reminded me of some of the young people I know, such as my beautiful niece Rachel, who seem to have a natural gift of knowing what to do with a scarf. So I decided, 2012 was going to be The Year of the Scarf. And, I must admit, my scarf collection has multipled mightily. I am still not overly adept at finding 30 ways to tie a scarf, but I will at least toss one on to add to an outfit. I don’t like fussing over clothes much, but I thought, well, I am a girl, so why waste it? We get to be senselessly decorative so why not.

Thinking about what scarf to wear into the city today brought me to thinking of how having the idea of calling 2012 The Year of the Scarf actually worked in getting me to focus more attention on scarves, and my appearance generally. Once I named it, it was, as many mindfulness experts say, “setting an intention.” Scientist Daniel Siegelman said on an interview on one of that meditation is “setting an intention to pay attention.” That is a subject I’d like to return to. But what I’d like to focus on is: If 2012 was the Year of the Scarf, what will May, 2013, be the month of? I invite you to think of one small change you’d like to make—as trivial as wearing a scarf if you want—and try to do it every day for a month. I just finished a book called This Year I Will. . . and the author spoke of a Japanese word, keisen, which means tiny changes (or so she said). It could be flossing ONE tooth. It could be putting the keys in the same place. It could be promising yourself to make one social contact a day—even if it’s just a facebook notice or a three sentence email to make a plan with an old friend.

One idea I had for May was becoming more technically adept. But since I somehow lost my password for WordPress and had major difficulties making a new one, and already failed my first MOOC, I think I’d better ease into my technology goal a little more slowly. But there are still three weeks left! And they say 21 days are needed to develop a pattern. So why not think of one SMALL thing you’d like to change and do it for the rest of the month—and after that, keep it up or drop it, no harm, no foul.

I will share some ideas for May is _______ month, and I’d love to hear more.

  1. Make the bed month
  2. Eat breakfast at home month
  3. Wear sunscreen month
  4. Sing in the shower month
  5. Be on time month
  6. Put the keys in the right place month
  7. Throw one thing away a day month.
  8. Eat a salad before dinner month.
  9. Walk 20 minutes a day month.

10. Wear sensible shoes so you CAN walk month.

11. Clear the crap out of the closet month.

12. Email an old friend month.

13. Don’t put a banana in your pocketbook month.

14. Clean your sink month.

15. Write 30 haikus month.

16. Eat a piece of fruit a day month.

17. Dish out a free piece of advice every day this month.

18. Learn how to make soup month.

19. Stop trash-talking yourself month.

17. Talk like a pirate month. (why not, arggggh?)

Writing Prompt: So, as the beautiful month of May spreads out before us like a field of blooming buttercups, do you have any suggestions for what tiny change you’d like to make?

2 Responses to “May is ___________ Month”

  1. Julie Goldberg May 8, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

    May is Keep-Querying-Even-Though-Rejection-Totally-Sucks Month.

  2. rowyn May 8, 2013 at 8:13 pm #

    One of my fellow Googlers routinely sets himself “30-day challenges”

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