Journal Excerpts: 19 years ago, December 1993, Chickens Under the Bed edition

25 Dec

December 1:

Last night, I had a dream that my parents were watching M. while we were away. When we came back, they said, “Oh sorry, M. died the other day.” I started getting upset and they seemed annoyed with me. “We gave him that white medicine and oh, 15 minutes later, he was dead.” I asked where he was now and they said, “We took care of all that.” I started crying and screaming at them and they were shaking their heads and saying, “Don’t get hysterical.”

I was so, so happy to see M. in the morning. I hugged him and hugged him until he said, “’Put me down,’ said the fish.” (That’s a line from the Cat in the Hat).

Last night he said, “Know what, Mom? There are chickens under my bed.” (we were reading a book about chickens).

“Well,” I said. “I’ll bet there aren’t REALLY chickens there, but if you ever want me to check, just call me.”

“Sometimes the chickens is there and sometimes they aren’t.” he said.

“Even if chickens ARE there, chickens are nice.”

“Sometimes they’re nice, but sometimes they’re mean,” he said.

He also asked “Are babies are mammals, too?” and “Are cars?” And “What about couches?”

December 2, 1993

GrammyO’s birthday—call her.

The other day Harry and Kaye were saying that they were so proud of B.—except that they weren’t too crazy about him for a couple of years when he was at Berkeley. “Oh, the years whe was away from me!” I joked.

“That’s right, he needed molding and shaping and that’s what you did for him. You molded him.”

SJ told me she’s leaving for a new job after two weeks. She’s going to work on another magazine for kids. Sigh. Well, she is a star. And she is definitely burned out here. So it’s time for her to go, I think. She will do very well, in life, I believe. She’s very positive, all in all.

Well, I talked with Cathy, and I think I will hire MW. She’s been working so hard, and growing a lot. I’ll see how she does on her first cover story for me.

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