The not-so-bad Bad Doctor

2 Nov

A few weeks ago, I went to a doctor who treated me quite rudely, I thought. I posted my “righteous rant” as my friend Joyce put it right in this very blog. I left feeling like a fat, depressed faker, and that was very disappointing. So finally, a few days later, when I was supposed to get some test results, I decided to give her a call and tell her what I thought. Yes, I have a larger pie hole than Donald Trump, was that not clear by now?

Anyway, I called and asked for the test results FROM THE DOCTOR. An hour later, the very nice nurse called. She gave me the results and I said, “Thank you, but I want to talk to the doctor because I was very disappointed in my visit and I think she should know that.” The nurse promised (nicely) that the doctor would call me back, and lo and behold, at 5:30, the doctor did. She told me she understood that I was unhappy and wanted to know why.

I said, “I felt as if you didn’t listen to me and that some of the advice you gave me was unsuitable.”

“Really?” she said. “Like what?”

“I told you I had arthritis and liked to walk on flat surfaces because it’s less painful, and you told me that exercising by walking was probably ineffective for me and I should get on a treadmill and work on a slant. First of all, walking on a treadmill is still walking and going on a slant hurts.”

“Oh, I was just thinking of the softer surface of a treadmill,” she said,

“I think that you were too dismissive about my vertigo. I already know I have it at times, but I’m not satisfied that that’s where the discussion ENDS.”

“I was just saying that when we get older, a lot of weird things go wrong and they are hard to fix.”

Etc. She said that the last thing she wanted was for a patient to leave upset and she was really sorry. Her tone was very conciliatory, open, nice—appropriate. I don’t think I would go to her again, because she really didn’t have anything that would help me much, but I did think she acted much more like a human being this time, and under much more difficult circumstances. So I am going to have to reevaluate my poor opinion of her. So often, it is those moments when someone is challenged that you see what they’re really made of, and I saw that she did mean well, and that she could be respectful and kind. Furthermore, she was the first doctor to point out that I really could lose a few pounds, which is difficult because they really mostly come from the medicines I take. But I decided to see if in spite of that, I could at least TRY to lose weight and not just give in. I rejoined Weight Watchers AND I joined a gym, in addition to the 10,000 steps I already walk. I have started measuring my portions better. The truth isn’t pleasant, but it probably would help my health, so as long as I’m trying every modality I can think of to be healthy, that might as well be one of them. I told her I was taking her advice on this front seriously and our conversation at the end was pleasant. So I have to say, hats off to you, Madame Physician! You’re not so bad after all!


Writing Prompt: Did you ever have reason to change your mind about someone?

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