Amazing Health Practitioners, Part 1

1 Nov

In September, I asked my Facebook friends to tell me some of the amazing, lifechanging doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, etc. that they have used. Part of the reason why is that I have a strong belief that going to one excellent doctor can be worth the price of five mediocre ones because they simply SEE things that other people don’t. They take time and effort. Well, I’m including a rough version of what people sent me. If there are more details that anyone has (phone numbers, other reviews, etc.), I can easily add them to this post when I edit it. But in the interest of speed and keeping my promise, I am sending this list, even in its crude form and I hope that it helps at least one person find someone who can help them. Because we deserve the justice of as good health as we can have.

September 17, 2012—VERSION 1:


New York/NJ/CT/Rockland


Mitchel Chalek, Village Acupuncture, Montclair, NJ

(Gentle, caring—just going there is like therapy. Who knew that lying around stuck with needles could be such absolute heaven?)

Dr. Aija Lee, 38 WEST 32ND STREET SUITE 107, NY. (212) 239-5559

“She saved my life and fixed lower back problems that had plagued me for years. Love her love her love her.”



dr jacqueline schwanwede., west orange, nj



Dr. Stanton Young, 14 East Fourth Street #606, , NYC, NY

(VERY caring—excellent doctor, charming staff, lots of personal attention.)



Dr. Mary Ellen Brademas, lower 5th Ave, NY, NY

(Very sharp, very funny, up to speed on new treatments)

Dr. Fayne Frey out of West Nyack, NY,

“She has a great bedside manner and her thoroughness saved my life with early detection”


Dr. Neil Breit, Westwood, NJ

“ working with me to properly diagnose my thyroid issues. When I saw him for a second opinion after another endo recommended surgery, he spent more than an hour reviewing every slide in my ultrasound with me, rather than simply reading the report like the previous doc. He noticed subtleties that the other doc missed, spared me surgery and a lifetime of meds, and likely identified a highly treatable disease. So grateful. but be prepared to wait 5 months for an appointment and another 1-2 hours — no joke — in the waiting room)”

General Practitioners


Dr. Israelowitz, Rutherford, NJ

Tiziana Jasper MD, 1135 Clifton Avenue, Suite 102, Clifton, NJ  07013, 973-778-4440

(recommended by another doctor)

Dr. Philippe Desplat, Dumont, NJ

Valley Health Medical


“He’s a DO, not an MD, and I don’t know if he has a specialty, but I’ve always had good experiences with him.”

Dr. Ann Wry in Rochelle Park, NJ

“Love her b/c she’s around our age so is tuned into women’s health & yearly includes EKG, which I think is awesome.”


Dr. Judith Wenger, Upper West Side, NYC

(On target, efficient office, talks to you)

Dr. Domnitz,  Wayne, NJ, at Associates in Women’s Health Care.

“He’s the best. He explains things clearly, does his research, and cares! I adore him!”



Anna Komorowski, oncology/hematology. (location unknown—yet)


Breast Cancer:

Dr. Debra Mangino, Sloan-Kettering

(For women at high risk of breast cancer: She’s the head of the Special Surveillance program at S-K—excellent)

Dr. Merril McIntosh, Englewood Hospital, Englewood, NJ

Recommended by two breast cancer survivors as “the best”


Dr. Koty, NYC

(Gentle, takes his time, great with kids as well as adults)


Dr. Loreti, Hackensack, NJ

(Funny, nice, low-key but caring)

• Pediatric Dentist:

Amr M. Moursi, DDS, PhD.

office 212 355 7760

Superb, specialist and extremely nice”

Pediatric Gastroenterologists:

Dr. Joel Rosh and Dr. Nadir Youssef, Morristown Hospital, Morristown, NJ.

(This hospital Thhas an excellent center for pediatric gastroenterology. Dr. Youssef is curt but gave great advice to my child)

Pediatric Pulmonologists:

Dr. Neil Kotin, NYC

(extraordinarily compassionate and competent)


Dr Tom Novella, Columbus Circle NYC 212 506 0242

“wonderful podiatrist”


Dr. Marc Notari, Lyndhurst, NJ

Very nice, friendly office, capable, gets things done efficiently.


Dr. Marc Leonardo, Upper East Side/Downtown NYC 212-452-0878

(Sensitive, wise, very good at calling you back)

Psychologists/Social Workers:

Dr. Kathryn Adorney

93 Franklin Turnpike

Waldwick, NJ

(201) 444-2248

(Slow, careful, thorough, caring. Great with ADHD kids)

Nancy Fish Bravman, NY and NJ Tel :201 796-8544

(specializes in women with pelvic pain issues, coauthor of Healing Painful Sex. Can do Skype appointments. Very empathetic. Works in NY and NJ)

Cathy Gilio, LCSW, Hackensack, New Jersey  07601,  (201) 306-0395  (Social worker)

(Does EMDR, works with ADHD kids and treats PTSD. Down to earth while being great for someone open to alternative therapies. Warm, compassionate, funny).

Ronnie Levine PhD 212 307 0079

• Talk therapist, (“modern psychoanalysis”), who actually helps effect change, not just patch up problems and behaviors. Very perceptive, fast on the uptake, helpful.

Elliot Zeisel PhD 212 289 3616

• Talk therapy, and NY’s best group therapy (the groups beat many practitioning NY therapists in both insight and helpfulness. Really.):


Drs john & constantine kintiroglou, West Orange, NJ

Dr. David Bacha, pediatrician, Tenafly, NJ 201-569-4477,

“a caring and compassionate person who loves kids and really listens to them and their parents.”

Dr. Paul Harlow, Pediatric Specialties, Hackensack, NJ

(Knows how to talk to kids, including about the kind of stuff they won’t listen to about from their parents—great for teens as well as younger kids.)

Pelvic Pain doctors:

The Medical Center For Female Sexuality, 2975 Westchester Ave Purchase, Purchase, NY AND New York City Office (914) 328-3700

(Very helpful, often as a first step, very caring, excellent with referrals)


Dr. Hollis Potter, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City, NY

(Dr. Potter is the leading expert in reading pelvic MRIs)

SoHo ObGyn, Dr. Dena Harris

430 West Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Tel: 212.941.0011

(One of the very few specialists in pelvic pain in the country. This practice does not give up on patients with complex problems. Expensive, but worth it.)


Jonathan Howard, NYU, neurologist (NYU Comprehensive Center for Multiple Sclerosis) Main doctor is Joseph Herbert, head of the center. Reputed to be brusque, but aggressive (in a good way).

(gentle, expert in MS)

Physical Therapists:

Beyond Basics, 1560 Broadway, Suite 311, New York, NY 212-354-2622

(Specializes in pelvic pain for both men and women, but also does regular physical therapy. Amy Stein, who runs it, is one of the leaders in the field)

Stacy Futterman, Five Points Physical Therapy,

(Specializing in Pelvic pain)


Niva Hertzig

177 North Dean Street
Suite 302
Englewood, NJ 07631

Physical Therapy:

Karen Donelson PT, see

locations in Montclair NJ, & Columbus Circle NYC

“Got any physical ache, stiffness, or need re-training after an accident, or have plantar fascitis (cured mine!)?” Uses Feldenkrais

Optimum, Lyndhurst


177 North Dean Street
Suite 302
Englewood, NJ 07631

Phone: 201-568-5060

“Excellent physical therapist specializing in pelvic pain”


Dr. Grace Wright, 345 E 37th St # 303C  New York, NY 10016

(212) 490-6960

(Very thorough, intelligent—staff can be annoying, but she herself is excellent).

Yoga Teachers:

Stephanie Harding, South Salem, NY (Westchester) 914-274-0007

(Specializes in one-on-one treatment but also gives classes. Adapts the treatment to the individual, using a specialized form of yoga called Vini Yoga. Excellent, gentle, knowledgeable. Classes  )

Wintertree Yoga Therapy, 31 Cobblestone Terrace, Montville, NJ 07045-9490


She does a very gentle form of yoga combined with therapy—she mostly moves you and you rest into the poses she does. There is something very unusual and freeing about it. “It’s made me feel very creative,” said the person who introduced me to her.


Deborah Quilter, The Balance Center, 234 Fifth Avenue Suite 503, NY, NY 100001 212-79-8177

“Uses her skills in feldenkrais, yoga, and as a certified personal trainer to help people restore their balance—helped me immensely.”

–      –  –  –




Dr. Neil Glickman

(compassionate, caring, fluent in sign language, expertise in working with mentally disabled, author of four books)



Joyce Greenberg, Seattle, WA

(deeply empathetic, has much experience working with elderly and the dying)

Compounding Pharmacies:

–call The Healthy Choice Compounding Company. Phil Altman. D (914-238-1700]

(will compound and mail prescriptions when appropriate. Swift service).

–Cold Laser Therapy for pain?

Dr. Mark Birkson


Dr. Bryan O’Young

(prominent fibromalgia specialist, does acupuncture, NYU?)

Writing Prompt: Who’s a medical practitioner who changed your life and how?

2 Responses to “Amazing Health Practitioners, Part 1”

  1. Donna O'Donnell Figurski November 1, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

    What a great idea, Alexandra. I even recognized some of the doctors on your list.

    Donna O’Donnell Figurski

    • alexandrahh13 November 4, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

      Thank you, Donna! I’m glad that the list is on target. I have all my Facebook friends to thank for their great recommendations.

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