Random Journal pages: January 12, 1975-January 13, 1975, Monday:

5 Oct

January 12, 1975

This is now a student meeting in Joann’s room. Joann was late. M. is really quite pretty for a bitch.

It’s about what we have to complain about. I complained about Joann being late. Now they are complaining about being the only dorm in the school not to have coed smoking lounges. Mrs. N doesn’t want them because they are too much responsibility. Every other dorm has them. Valerie commented that if she doesn’t want to accept responsibility, she shouldn’t be a dorm parent.


January 13, 1975, Monday:

Sometimes teachers can be incredibly vain: expecting you to keep ditto sheets and homework’sassignments for MONTHS, as if what they had to say or assign was holy writ.

I am reading this ridiculously sexist article in the Moody Monthly Magazine. Listen:

“The wife is, in a sense, slapping her husband in the face and thereby declaring, “You’re not in charge. I am. Your ideas are not good. But mine are. I’ll make the decisions. I’m the “male” and you’re the “female.” We’ll do what I say.

How infuriating! I didn’t know they printed this kind of tripe anymore.

–  –   –

Note: I’m adding these pages not because they’re significant, but because like 90 percent of all journal pages everywhere, they’re kind of crap, and I’m trying not to pretty myself up too much if you know what I mean. When I say random, I want to mean random. But they make me laugh because they certainly speak of a certain time and place. Bless the 70s!!

–   –  –  –

Question: Are rights for women backsliding.

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