September Statistics, Part 1

2 Oct

Statistic for September, 2012, part 1

–average steps walked per day: 8236

–pairs of shoes bought in size triple E: 1

–Number of workdays husband has said, upon arrival home, “I’m gettin’ out of this monkey suit.”: all

–days garden and its inferiority to last year’s garden was discussed at length: 30

— breakfasts with Julie at ChitChat diner: 1

–score on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from Better Medicine on internet: 44 percent. (Nota Bene: is this possible sign of Cretuzfeldt-Jakob disease?)

–Podcasts on Concordat of Worms listened to: 1

–Amount understood: 12 percent (I believe Europe and popes were mentioned?)

–times cat gave me pathetic looks to go outside:115

–Times I let him: 50

–Times I am supposed to let him go outside: 0

–acupuncture needles stuck in body: approximately 100

–shots of artificial synovial fluid in arthritic knee: 3 per knee

–book read for book group: Wild, by Cheryl Strayed

–number of children sent off to college: 2

–disease I do not have: multiple sclerosis

–times we’ve seen Jacob since then: 3 (bonus: last time with purple hair).

–What has happened to hometown in Jacob’s eyes now that he is at college: shrunk.

–What Santa is not bringing Jacob: tattoo.

–Toastmasters Tall Tale contests won: 2

–Person whose lovely presence will be missed: Marge Springer.

Prompt: And how was YOUR September?

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