Random Journal Page, August 15, 2012

22 Sep

One thing I like about being a writer is that I get to learn new facts all the time. Like, Sweden is the only country where most houses are painted red. And the reason that the Impressionism  Movement was possible was that there was paint in tubes (1841) so that the artists could dab those splashes of paint on canvases outdoors–hence the Plein Air Movement. That the Japanese term “mono no aware” means the beautiful melancholy of things that pass–like falling leaves in Autumn.

I’ve been listening to a book on tape for my reading group called Oxygen. I don’t like it that much because it’s just depressing, about a doctor facing a lawsuit. It’s as if they had an episode of Gray’s Anatomy but instead of following the travails of ten doctors, you’re just following one. Things just pile up for Dr. Marie . . . lawsuits suck . . . yup, they still suck . . . hangs over head . . . sure is too bad about that lawsuit. Needs more action! STAT!

In other news, note to self: take a baby step each day. Don’t give up. Find the spark in the darkness.

Prompt: What new fact/s have you learned recently?

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