Inspiration Is Other People

22 Sep

I just got a notification that an old workfriend (Thank you, Ms. S.!) signed up to this blog. I had completely forgotten about it since last March, but I just listened to a podcast about the importance of electronic communication and I have now been inspired by her faith that I might write something worth reading, so I will give it another try.

When I say inspiration is other people, I mean it. I have been so activated by the courage of my friends and other courageous people that when I read of the struggles and triumphs of people I care about I feel as if they are giving a gift not just to themselves, but that they’re putting their courage into some kind of collective pot for all of us to share. . For my last reading group we read the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed (that’s strayed, not stray-ed—she chose her own last name). The author had been brought up by a loving but incompetent mother who died at the age of 45. Cheryl then went wild herself–taking heroin, sleeping with the wrong men, wrecking her marriage–until she decided to do something that literally took her into the wild. That is, to walk the 1500(?) mile Pacific Crest trail with little preparation and few skills, by herself. The book starts with the moment she loses one of her boots in the wilderness–it skitters down a mountain and she just throws the other one after it. What happens on her hero’s journey as she puts one toenails-missing, blistered foot after the other on the path makes for compelling reading, as does her psychological journey. I will be thinking about that book for a long time to come. And maybe, just for today, I’ll do something to put one foot in front of the other and just trudge toward my chosen goals a little bit harder because of her.

Super free 10 minute writing prompt: Is there someone whose actions inspired you to do something this past week?

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