“You Need to Start a Blog.”

25 Mar

I am starting a blog because so many of my friends have said, “You need to start a blog.” But what finally got me off my butt is that my therapist said that I needed to start a blog after I told her that the last thing I said to my older son as I left him at college was, “Now, honey, whatever you do, don’t eat steak alone. You have to chew it a lot of times and if there’s nobody to do the Heimlich maneuver, you’ll choke to death.” I wasn’t trying to be overprotective or anything. But, ahem, I guess I was. I put 18 years of work into him! And one of my minimal requirements for the child is that he remains alive!

Anyway, what this journal is really about is not eating steak, alone or otherwise, but about something else I have put a lot of effort into. This year will be the 40th straight year I have been keeping journals. I started when it was a freshman English assignment in high school and I haven’t stopped yet. Keeping journals has had a profound effect on my life–I mean, I think it has, not having had another non-journal keeping life to compare it to. Among the many gifts it has given me is the ability NEVER to have writer’s block. I may not be able to write well at a given moment, but I can write something, damn it! So, in this journal I will be sharing journal excerpts, ideas, random thoughts writing prompts, and helpful hints about how not to kill yourself with inadequate steak mastication. And may you not  choke–on steak or words–for the next forty years either!

Prompt: What makes you “choke”?

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